Frequently Asked Questions


Is a clinical trial dangerous?

Clinical trials carry risks. However, you will be informed of the known potential side effects and risks before participating to any of our clinical studies. Indeed, before the screening visit, you will have to read the information note and the informed consent form. This form is written to help you make your decision, it contains all relevant information about the clinical study. Once you have read the form, you will be able to freely ask all your questions to the members of the medical team.

Can I get out of a clinical trial at any time?

You can leave the clinical trial at any time and for any reason without having to justify yourself. This is called "withdrawing consent".

What happens if I experience side effects?

If you had to experience any side effects related to the test drug or not, you will be promptly reviewed by the medical doctor in charge of the study. If your state of health requires it, he will prescribe additional tests and procedures necessary to establish a diagnosis, treat your symptoms and restore your physical integrity.

I was selected to participate in a clinical trial, what should I bring?

When you have been selected to participate in a clinical trial that involves hospitalization, you must take with you:

  • Spare clothes
  • A set of toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, ...)
  • Bath towels
  • Entertainment (books, tablet, computer, phone, board games, ...)

Drinks, meals and snacks will be served within the unit, so please do not bring food or drinks during your hospitalization. Please do not bring any medications with you while you are in the unit: we provide you with any necessary and authorized food or medication.

What can I and should I do during periods of hospitalization?

During the hospitalizations, the days are punctuated by various medical examinations carried out according to a particular schedule which our team respects rigorously. For this reason, you may be asked to stay in the room at certain times of the day, most often in the morning. Some exams require you to lie down or sit for a few minutes before performing. The nursing staff will explain the progress of the days of hospitalization so that they are spent at best. During periods when exams are more distant, you are free to move within the unit and to occupy yourself as you wish.

Will I be paid if I participate in a clinical study?

When you participate in a clinical trial, you receive a financial compensation. This compensation is fixed according to the time devoted to the study, but also according to the constraints to which you will be subjected during this one. In no case is financial compensation linked to the risks of the study. The amount of this financial compensation is specific to each study and is approved by the Ethics Committee. This amount is evaluated according to the number of days of hospitalization in the unit, the number of ambulatory visits and the various examinations carried out. You also benefit from a complete medical examination which results can be communicated to you if you wish. This compensation can range from a hundred euros to a few thousand euros.