Other Services


Standard biological analyses:

UPC has a convention with the Laboratory of Medical Biology of the CHU of Li├Ęge. This convention describes the agreement for the subcontracting of biological analyses to the laboratory of Medical Biology when needed (for all standard medical analyses). The laboratory of Medical Biology is accreditated by BELAC (accreditation n°128-MED).

Detection of IMP and others (derived molecules, biomarkers, etc) :

ATC owns its own unit of biological analysis (PCA –PreClinical and Analytical Unit). PCA is a GLP-accredited lab that can offer:

1. Bioanalytical services:

  • Development and validation of new methods;
  • Application of bioanalytical methods

2. Preclinical services: ADMET studies

  • In vitro (Caco-2, microsomes, etc)
  • In vivo


UPC has privileged contacts with different kinds of partners for the outsourcing of other clinical complementary activities, such as:

  • Data Management;
  • Protocol design;
  • eCRF;
  • Monitoring;
  • Biostatistics;
  • Medical writing.