UPC is a clinical research center mainly specialized in Phases 0, I and IIa studies.

Pr André Scheen is the head of the unit as well as head of the Diabetes, Nutrition and metabolic disorders at the University Hospital in Liège, with a strong international reputation. The clinical staff is made of experts in clinical research (investigators, quality manager, nurses, etc) who works in a secure environment within a demanding quality system.

Our strengths? A major experience in clinical research and an advanced medical expertise, together with a database of more than 500 healthy and reliable volunteers and an access to the patients of the university hospital of Liège. Moreover UPC also benefits from the scientific and technical knowledge from both the University and the University Hospital of Liège!

Hence our customers can benefit from fast, adapted services with competitive prices!

Our priority? The quality and speed of the results and the safety of the subjects.

UPC also supports the clinical research at the University Hospital of Liège by offering on demand services (regarding phases I, II, III trials).